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Yeda youth development program


yeda youth development program

Basketball Skills Training

Our basketball skills training program is a part of our overall athletics program, designed as a key part of our holistic strategy for youth development. We use group training sessions to stimulate and encourage our students.


During these sessions, they learn how to be part of a team, but also take the lead when necessary. They learn effective communication and foundational fitness skills that will help them excel in anything they chose to pursue in life!

Teacher Assisting a Student


Our tutoring program provides our youth with the essential resources and guidance that empowers them to excel in all academic pursuits. Our program offers a safe space where they can ask questions, gain knowledge, and develop into their full potential.

Jumping Juniors

Our jumping juniors program is offered in partnership with local park districts and Jumping Juniors. It brings the sport of double dutch back into the community and offers mentorship, double dutch fundamentals, competition tricks, and an opportunity to audition for the traveling competitive team.

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Youth Basketball Game

Open Gym

When available, our open gym program allows our youth to engage in physical fitness in a safe, fun, carefully monitored environment. Typically held at local school gyms, students are welcome to put on their gym shoes, hit the court, and enjoy friendly basketball scrimmages with fellow students. Affordable, local, and just what our youth need to burn off some energy!

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