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Paying for Groceries


We are proud to support the local businesses, organizations, education institutes, non-profits and individuals who have invested in our communities. Join YEDA in helping to invest in our communities by engaging in business with local, family and youth entrepreneurs!

Below, you’ll find an ever-growing list of amazing businesses started by the parents and children we work with every day. Show your support by connecting to the businesses below. 

Business Directory

Check back often as this list is updated regularly. Do you or your child have their own business? Wonderful! Contact us today to get featured on this page! 

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Project Management and Consulting. Bringing ideas to life. 

Project Management and Consulting is our passion! Since 2010, Caljohn has been assisting entrepreneurs, business and community leaders, and nonprofit organizations with careful planning and execution to successfully operate, market and promote a variety of projects in the most efficient way.

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A youth basketball firm. We develop players & assists their families and teams in managing their academic-athletic journeys, youth to collegiate. We deliver a unique mix of services anchored by our experience in educating through the sport- basketball. Catering to ages 4 and up! 

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Building a Brand is Hard. We Make it Easy.

We understand the burden of wearing all the hats in your business, so we wear a few of them for you. Our expertise lies in advanced email marketing, content writing, paid ads management and web design. By renovating or improving your web presence, we’re able to establish your business a go-to source of information in your industry, thus enhancing your page position and profits.



Nefertem is a family-owned, holistic skincare company birthed out of the desire to support the mental, emotional and spiritual journey of others. Guided by our intuition + ancestors, we developed an intimate collection of products to nourish self discovery and honor soul growth. We formulate our products with 100% natural ingredients that will make your skin—and spirit—beam.

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