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About YEDA

YEDA is a non-profit, community organization, founded in 2021, with the vision to bring supplemental enrichment programs to our youth and develop a network of shared resources that support the communities we live in.


We strive to unlock the potential of our youth by reinforcing the importance of mental, emotional and physical health, community engagement and effective communication.


Through our variety of programs, we empower our youth to become active, strong leaders ready to tackle anything they choose to pursue in life!

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver an enriching learning experience, foster positive lifestyle choices, provide foundational fitness skills, and equip our youth with the interpersonal artistry to thrive in life, in a supportive environment, rooted in respect and collaboration between the students, families, schools and organizations in our communities.

Our Founder

YEDA was founded by Greg Ellison in 2021 with the vision to bring community togetherness and childhood development to the youth living in the Chicago South Suburbs. 

Greg has been regarded as a pillar in his community, pioneering a whole new way to work together as a community to develop our future leaders. He brings to YEDA a background in management, coaching and youth mentorship and has graciously given his retirement to the uplifting and motivating of the youth. 


Built on Values



Community is at the core of everything we do: networking, pooled resources, youth development, and more.



Our faith allows us to face adversity with strength and courage.



Through example and teaching, we motivate our children to have character and live righteously.



As role models, we show the youth what it means to stand for something so they don't fall for anything.



While under our guidance, we empower our youth to see the value of showing and earning respect.



We partner with other youth organizations to build alliances that enhance the offerings for our youth.

yeda community at restaurant

Get Involved

YEDA helps young people uncover what it takes to achieve anything they set their minds to do. This builds confidence, motivates and inspires our youth to take on any challenge life has to offer. Whether the student is college-bound or decides to choose a different life path, at YEDA, we want them to know they have options and we're here to support them.

Enroll your child in an upcoming program, sign up for an event, or donate to our cause. 

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