At YEDA, our purpose is to reinforce the importance of education both traditional and non-traditional. We seek to improve the foundational skills needed for our youth to advance in the 21st century. Our goal is to provide supplemental enrichment programming in support of the parents, guardians, schools and community in a multitude of ways. 

A key focus, and what sets us apart, is our focus on cultivating strong interpersonal relationships skills that will empower our youth to be confident and compassionate in personal and professional settings. We do this through our one-on-one, strategic mentoring during our development programs. 

Another key focus is instilling the value of health and wellness within our youth. We strive to ingrain the concept that overall success in life encompasses a healthy fitness routine incorporating activities for the mind, body and spirit. In addition, our athletics programs teach students foundational fitness skills that can help them excel in any physical activity or career they wish to pursue.

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Mind, Body & Spirit Focused

At YEDA, we are committed to providing Academic Enrichment, Health, Wellness, and Life Skills training, to youth in the south suburbs of Chicago.


We achieve this through our S.T.E.M and Digital Education programs for grades 3rd - 8th. Grades 9th - 12th experience higher learning prep courses, part-time entry-level jobs, and trade-training opportunities.


Our health and wellness training includes fitness training for grades 3-12, promoting healthy living, along with different sports activities and skills development.


Mentoring, life skills, and conflict management training are a part of each child's experience. This allows us to support the efforts of the parents and guardians in preparing our young men and women for future educational, employment, and life opportunities.



Our vision is that YEDA will become a supplemental vehicle that parents, guardians, and schools can leverage to assist with creating a world where young people value education, a healthy lifestyle, and interpersonal relationships.


We strive to provide our youth the opportunity to learn and grow scholastically and for them to become skilled communicators. Our life skills curriculum focuses on providing the tools and resources they need to navigate through some of life's most challenging obstacles in a fun and interactive way.

YEDA helps young people uncover what it takes to achieve anything they set their minds to do. This builds confidence, motivates and inspires our youth to take on any challenge life has to offer. Whether the student is college-bound or decides to choose a different life path, at YEDA, we want them to know that they have options.


Through our dedication and commitment to their excellence, we instill the belief that a bright future is within their reach.

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