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YEDA is a community non-profit organization offering comprehensive educational, fitness and wellness programs that empower today's youth. We encourage and challenge our students using movement, motivation and mentoring to prepare them for life beyond the classroom. 


We strive to inspire our students to believe they can do ANYTHING they put their minds to. Using a combination of fitness, academics and job training skills, we provide them with the tools they need to achieve their goals.


We do this while simultaneously coaching them on effective communication, healthy emotional response tactics, and learning how to manage life's challenges. So much more than a school, at YEDA, we are a Youth Education and Development Academy! 


At YEDA, our purpose is to reinforce the importance of education both traditional and non-traditional. We seek to improve the foundational skills needed for our youth to advance in the 21st century.


Our goal is to provide supplemental enrichment programming in support of the parents, guardians, schools and community in a multitude of ways. 

A key focus, and what sets us apart, is our focus on cultivating strong interpersonal relationships skills that will empower our youth to be confident and compassionate in personal and professional settings. We do this through our one-on-one, strategic mentoring during our development programs. 

Another key focus is instilling the value of health and wellness within our youth. We strive to ingrain the concept that overall success in life encompasses a healthy fitness routine incorporating activities for the mind, body and spirit.


In addition, our athletics programs teach students foundational fitness skills that can help them excel in any physical activity or career they wish to pursue.

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YEDA is currently available throughout the Chicago Southland Communities, with emphasis on the communities of: Park Forest, University Park, Richton Park, Chicago Heights and Ford Heights, Illinois.


While we are currently focused on these local communities, students from all over are welcome to join. 


Athletics is an integral component of our mind, body and spirit approach to youth development. It is through our group training sessions that we're able to challenge and motivate our students. 

During training, students learn how to navigate the balance between being a team player and a leader. They learn effective communication and foundational fitness skills that will help them excel in anything they chose to pursue in life!

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