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A focus of YEDA is to provide the youth with educational and inspirational opportunities for growth. One aspect of our comprehensive programming is our academic program consisting of adult and peer tutors working directly with enrolled students.  

Students receive one on one guidance from highly experienced mentors in a wide range of fields. Each tutor has undergone a complete background check and have committed to ensuring the safe, fun, educational environment that has become synonymous with YEDA. 

YEDA tutoring, in combination with our Athletics program, challenges students to think beyond the classroom. While the tutoring portion builds on the knowledge gained from traditional school, it also helps to close the gap from the learning loss that occurred during the pandemic. 

Our tutoring program includes a homework clinic, peer-to-peer guidance, targeted Common Core skill practice for acceleration or remediation, and social-emotional support. Enroll your child today!

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Brenda Riley Richardson

Brenda is a retired principal and teacher with a B.A. in Accounting and Business Administration, M.Ed in Education and a M.Ed in Educational Leadership. 

As an educator who has taught both at-risk and accelerated students, she firmly belives that ALL  students can learn, provided they are fully engaged mentally, physically and emotiuonally. 


Candyce Herron

Candyce intends to provide parents/guardians and students, with prolific science rigor and will strongly encourage her students to see that with the collective; we can change the world. 

Candyce has a background in high school education, as well as biological engineering, pre-med and physics. 

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Andre Hogan

Andre comes to us with a passion for restoring the communities he serves. Equipped with a set of old-school values and the desire to reach back and teach others, Andre enjoys spending time mentoring and tutoring the youth.

Andre has a background in early childhood development and business management.

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Chardel Ross

Chardel has enjoyed over 20 years of teaching in public school grades K-8th. She has also coached little league, Sunday School and Vacation Bible School. Prior to teaching, she was a Public Relations Community Relations Liaison at Ameritech where she served as a coordinator of the community-based education programs. 

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