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YEDA is a developing non-profit organization. We are in the process of establishing our board of directors and staff. Currently, we have a few staff members eager to get started working with our students. We will continue to update this page with staff highlights as more staff are secured.


Below you will find an outline of staff positions for your review. Please check back often for updates and reach out if interested.


Check back for updates...

Board of Directors

Check back for updates...


Trainers will work with the students on fitness activities and oversee all sporting sessions.

Operations Manager

Our operations manager will be responsible for ensuring the execution of our program on a daily basis. This person will oversee all daily activities and the staff. The Operations Manager is the company liaison between the parents, students and staff. He/she is responsible for preserving the integrity of those relationships. The Operations Manager will work closely with the HR Manager to make sure that we are in compliance with local labor laws and will work with the Finance Manager to make sure that the program is fiscally aligned with the program budget.

Community Relations Manager

Our community relations manager will be responsible for assisting with developing the face of the organization within the community. They will develop the strategy for social media marketing, events, event planning, and business development. They will work with the strategy manager to evaluate the analytics and determine long- term strategic approach. This person will be intimately involved in determining current and future business plans and opportunities.


Our staff will be responsible for performing the daily tasks assigned to them and executing the program as designed. They will be expected to provide feedback on the program's performance to assist us in determining the most effective aspects of our program. Their feedback will also be crucial in executing changes as needed to consistently improve our operations. Staff is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the program and will act as relationship ambassadors to the parents and children.


Recruiters will be responsible for seeking part-time job opportunities for our high school students.


These trained experienced individuals will be responsible for creating curriculum and monitoring classroom activity. They will support the teacher interns, who will teach the classes.

Finance Manager/ Funding

This person will perform the functions of creating the program budget and managing the program financials to ensure that the company has the funding to meet our company objectives. They will also be responsible for working with company leadership to secure funding for the program.

Tech Support

Our on-site tech support staff are responsible for ensuring that all our technology is working properly to ensure the execution of our programs. Tech staff is responsible for maintaining the integrity of all equipment, making repairs as needed, and ensuring that our connectivity is secure and consistent.