Open Notebook

2022-2023 PLAN


Execute a pilot program designed to explore the following:

  • Determine the need in a few targeted communities

  • Explore partnerships with local colleges and universities, corporations, tech companies, local businesses and municipalities, as well as other community organizations and nfp's

  • Impact of the proposed curriculum developed on the student and parents

  • Understand the financial implications of the program in an effort to create a realistic budget for the summer program

  • Identify funding sources

  • Determine the resources needed to execute the program at optimum levels and assess how we can measure progress

  • The Pilot program should provide me some of the credibility we need to market the strategy


Execute a 6-7 week summer program focused on the following curriculum:

  • Math

  • Science

  • Technology

  • Health & Wellness

  • Various Sports

  • Life Skills

  • College Prep

  • Employment prep

  • Progress will be measured and followed for each of the students